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I am located inside of the My Salon Suites building, there is a large parking lot out front

When you arrive at the suites (Need my address? Click HERE), come in the first door and there will be a keypad next to the inner door on your left. Just type in 301 and the little bell icon above, it will ring and then I can let you in! If you have issues you can call me at 901-424-0950 and I’ll come up front to let you in! 

Running late? Please let me know so we can make necessary arrangements.

Checkout my late policy in full by clicking HERE

We will discuss your daily routine, what products you are currently using, and your hair history. We will go over your goals, inspiration photos, & discuss the best way to get there! Once we have our plan in place, I will blend a customized formula just for you and record it in the notes section of your personalized file. 

If you've added on a haircut, I will create a cut tailored to your face shape, lifestyle, and overall goals. Styling tips and tricks are always shared so you can confidently recreate your look at home.  

-Always eat a good meal before a hair appointment! Lived-in looks take more time to achieve than traditional color, so please expect to hang out for a little while! I also carry a variety of snacks and beverages to get you through! (Full menu below) Most food delivery services are able to deliver to the suites as well.

-I highly recommend finding inspiration photos of the front, sides, and back, before coming in for your appointment (Pinterest is a great place to start!) Your inspiration photos will work best for you if the person in the photo:  looks like you (skin tone, eye color), has a natural hair color similar to yours (if they are naturally lighter, and you are naturally darker, it may not be an achievable look), has a similar haircut as you (or the haircut you want), similar hair texture ( thick, thin, curly, straight), and is styled how you style your hair! If your inspiration photo is curly/wavy, and you always wear your hair straight, please find a new photo featuring straight hair.

-Please come with clean hair. You have probably heard dirty hair takes color better- unfortunately, the opposite is actually true! If there is product residue/buildup in your hair, it can actually take LONGER for the color to penetrate, leaving you darker than you wanted, or prevent grey coverage. 

-Please wear warm clothes. My room is on the cooler side, I do have a blanket available, a mini heater, ands robes to keep you comfortable. If possible, please wear neutral clothing.

Set us up for success!

Hangout a little while...

We offer free wifi, and keep an array of amenities to keep you feeling completely comfortable while your color processes!


Coke, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite

Water & Sparkling Water

Starbucks Energy Drinks

Coffee & Seasonal Creamers

Hot Cocoa & Spiced Chai Latte

Wine and other alcoholic drinks available


Candy, gum, chocolates, mints

Pretzels, trail mix, skinny pop, granola bars

Ask me about bakery items!


Apple chargers

Android charger

USB port

Rain ponchos

In closing...

We'll wrap up the visit by sharing my recommendations for at-home care and set you up for your next appointment. I love samples! Please don't be afraid to ask me if there is something you want to try! You can view my Retail Return Policy by clicking HERE

Photos are part of getting our hair done these days! But I understand if you are not comfortable showing your face on social media. I will always ask before taking photos showing your face, and have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to get shots featuring just your hair!

I accept all major debit/credit cards. Checks are not accepted. To know more about the cost of your individual service, please request a consultation. Tipping is completely optional and can be added on to your ticket if requested. Receipts can be texted or emailed

You will receive a follow up email within the week to ensure that your style is just as expected, and we'll eagerly await your next visit!

Pricing & Services are listed here

All prices listed there are starting points and pricing may shift based on the plan we create for the day.

The best way to reach me is by email at mackenziemorsehair@flarethesuite.com

Should you have any questions, I will reply within 24 hours Tuesday-Saturday


Policy Information

Cancellations & Late Arrivals:

I appreciate a 48-hour notice for all cancellations, in order to leave enough time for me to offer that appointment to someone on my waitlist. If you cancel within 48hrs of your appointment a fee equal to $25 of each service booked will be required before rebooking your appointment. 

If you’re running late, please contact me as soon as possible by texting 901-424-0950. I will do my best to accommodate you- however, some aspects of your appointment may be adjusted. A full service charge is still due. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, your appointment may need to be rescheduled and will be considered a cancelled appointment, resulting in a rebooking fee (outlined above).

If I am running late for your appointment, I will make adjustments in my schedule to ensure you have the experience you requested.

New Guests who no-show will not be able to reschedule their appointment.

Adjustments & Refunds:

I strive to offer my guests the highest level of guest satisfaction. While I do not offer refunds for services rendered, if you are not entirely satisfied, please let me know within 7 days of your appointment and I will gladly invite you back in to make adjustments at no additional charge. This does not apply if I provided a service we both agreed upon in your consultation and you've changed your mind or attempted to alter your hair elsewhere.

Guests, Pets & Children:

Please be advised that due to liability reasons and the intimate studio environment, I ask that child care is provided away from the salon. While this policy helps ensure that all guests enjoy a relaxing salon experience, it was created with your child’s safety in mind. All guests are asked to wait in the lobby or outside of My Salon Suites - guests may not wait in the hallways. Only registered service animals are allowed in the building. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Have more questions? Check out my FAQ page

See you soon!