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Multi-Step Color Agreement

 with Flare, the Suite

This form is for any guest that

-Desires a color that is two shades lighter or darker,

-Currently has unwanted warmth in the hair,

-Is undergoing a color correction,

-Has box color present in the hair, 

-Requires a multi-step color process,

-Requests that involve unnatural tones, such as silver, ash, fashion colors, pearl, pastel, copper, red, etc, must read and understand the following before the service begins:

I reserve the right to deny services or turn away any guest who does not comply with this agreement or any guest who uses MONAT or WEN until they are 6 months off of the product.

I cannot be held responsible for breakage or irreversible damage caused by the use of MONAT or WEN, or other drug-store products

- The desired result may not be reached in one visit and may require additional paid processes, paid services. and paid sessions to achieve.

- There is always a chance of a chemical reaction when box color/well water/ medications/product build up are in the hair. Please alert your stylist if you are on any thyroid medication or if you have well water/box color so they can formulate accordingly. Most challenges can be avoided if you are honest with your stylist.

- Services are never guaranteed until desired result is achieved.

- All recommended services, products, and at-home care between services are essential for the end result to be achieved. Denying said services will alter and/or prolong, stop, or restart the process of achieving your goal.

- There is a possibility of breakage, damage, brassiness, and the presence of undesired tones during each procedure; your stylist is trained avoid these challenges, however there is always a possibility of these outcomes.

- This policy omits our redo policy. A redo service cannot be performed during/after a service while under a multi-step color process agreement.

- FTS does not issue refunds, there are no exceptions to this policy.

By signing below, I am acknowledging that...

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